Cloud Computing (IaaS, PaaS)

More secure, more flexible, and faster: Cloud Computing is the new evolution of the digital collaboration in companies. Data, systems, and IT services are no longer run on a local computer, but they are provided and managed centrally by a network.

Due to the IP-based resource pool, the systems are available worldwide and more flexible which makes the cooperation with partners and employees much easier. Based on regular backups and alternative devices provided, data and systems are well protected against hardware failures or program errors and can often be used on alternative devices and systems without interruption.

You, too, can benefit from the advantages of Cloud Computing. Würth IT provides you with innovative Cloud Computing services and state-of-the-art solutions.

Würth IT offers the following services for Cloud Computing:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

“Infrastructure as a Service″, abbreviated as IaaS, means the provision of flexible IT resources via the Internet. This includes, for example, server, storage, network, archiving, backup, and data center infrastructures that are used as a virtualized service. We from Würth IT adapt your IaaS to your requirements and use the operating systems, middleware, and applications preferred by you. Billing is based on your individual scope of infrastructure use that is always adapted to your current needs.

Würth IT’s IaaS offers you the following advantages and services:

  • Platforms: IBM Power systems & HP x86
  • Hardware & software load balancing
  • Redundant, active LAN components – based on Cisco
  • Shared environment: Shared storage, backup & archiving system
Platform as a Service (PaaS)

With Würth IT’s service “Platform as a Service”, abbreviated as PaaS, we provide you not only with hardware services, but also with operating systems and application infrastructures in the form of technical modules. For you this means that no costs are incurred for the acquisition of infrastructure and software environments. In addition, PaaS is characterized by an easy implementation and maintenance of applications. Therefore, this form of data service is very well suited for testing new software and development processes.

Würth IT’s PaaS provides you with the following system environments:

  • Operating system: Windows, RedHat, AIX
  • Database: Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL