Virtual Hosting / Virtual Server

React flexibly to enterprise workloads by using virtual Servers of Würth IT and increase your performance – as needed – quickly and easily without being bound to hardware components.

Our virtual servers provide you with high-quality systems, databases, and middleware applications. In order to prevent hardware failures, the virtual servers are configured in a HA Cluster.

Thus, if needed, they can be quickly restarted on an alternative device. With the same control options as for our Managed Hosting and/or Managed Servers, the Virtual Hosting / Virtual Servers of Würth IT provide you with the same access to the virtual systems.

Würth IT’s Virtual Hosting / Virtual Servers offers you the following advantages and services:

  • High availability for all IT services
  • Flexibly scalable depending on the load
  • Performance increase as needed
  • No additional dedicated hardware necessary
  • Daily backups
  • Increased security
  • Individually agreed SLAs