IT Compliance

You need a Data Privacy Officer and you do not have the necessary resources in your company or you want to be updated about the requirements in terms of Information Security Management. We would be glad to help you!


Data Privacy

The Federal Data Protection Act (German abbreviation: BDSG) specifies that all companies employing 10 or more persons with the automated processing of personal data must have a Data Privacy Officer.

Our services
  • Assessment of organizational and technical procedures regarding data protection requirements
  • Development of a data protection concept
  • Creation of the legally required indices of procedures
  • Creation of organizational instructions and directives
  • Reporting to the Management
  • Answers to questions on data privacy by the customers and employees
  • Sensitizing and training of employees
Your benefits
  • Freeing up of resources in the company
  • Minimization of the training effort
  • Avoidance of any conflicts of interest
  • Use of legal resources

Information Security Management

Everyone is talking about information security. Due to the worldwide networking of companies, locations, and countries, there is not only an increase of the opportunities but also of the risks. A growing complexity and the lack of structures assures that the electronic business world is very vulnerable to all kinds of threats.


Our services
  • Security Checks
    During our security checks, the security-relevant areas are analyzed for weaknesses and, where necessary, potential solutions are developed.
  • Security Training
    In educational and advanced workshops, we teach you information security measures. Security officers and security managers as well as interested newcomers belong to our group of participants.
    Graduates having passed this training are able to establish an information security management and to prepare themselves for a possible certification.


Certification ISO 27001

Compliance with International Standards

With the certification according to ISO 27001, companies obtain written confirmation that their business data and processes are integrated into a holistic security process.


The way to certification:

  • Step 1: Workshop
  • Step 2: Risk analysis
  • Step 3: Implementation of findings
  • Step 4: Documentation of all action needed
  • Step 5: Desktop review
  • Step 6: Elimination of deviations
  • Step 7: Audit
  • Step 8: Completion with certification

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