Würth Global Services

International cooperation through decentralised communication solutions

Increasing decentralized sales and corporate structures require a smooth and secure solution for cooperation amongst partners, customers, and employees, regardless of the location. With Würth Global Services, Würth IT provides the basic element for a decentralized communication and data exchange.



Not only do we supply all the important basic IT functions (fi le/print, VPN access, service, support, updates, operation, client management), WGS also includes modules for an eff ective and modern cooperation within the company. The modules can be combined as needed or acquired as a complete package within the scope of WGS 2.0.


IT Compliance
You need a Data Privacy Officer and you do not have the necessary resources in your company or you want to be updated about the requirements in terms of Information Security Management?

We would be glad to help you!

  • Data Privacy
  • Information security management
  • Certification ISO 27001