WGS Filebox

Secure and easy transfer of data

With the WGS FileBox Würth IT offers a quick and easy way to exchange very high data volumes or highly sensitive data. With this system, the users can perform and manage data transfers with colleagues or external partners.


The users have access to the application via the usual environments, such as File Explorer, web portal, Outlook, or an app (IOS, Android). An easy integration into the daily work process is assured thus eliminating time-consuming training units.


Our Services

  • Central operation of your systems in a modern data center at Würth IT
  • Guaranteed high security standards
  • Software management
  • Supply of basic IT services
  • Provision of service and support


Participants have controlled access to the virtual data rooms where documents and files of any size can be made available. It is a solution ensuring the security and monitoring of data transfers as well as compliance with internal company requirements


Your benefits

  • Secure transfer of any data without size limitation
  • Data exchange with external participants is also possible
  • Compliance with legal and internal company requirements
  • Availability via email, File Explorer, mobile app, and web portal