What do they actually do ...? Team Workplace Solutions

What do they actually do ...? Team Workplace Solutions

In 2022, the Workplace Solutions (WP) team has given itself an expanded structure. The Competence Center (CC) Workplace Solutions, headed by Joachim Süpple, is currently divided into five areas with specific tasks. The CC supports around 13,800 users at 80 sales and production sites and 600 sales stores, with 42 internal and around 12 external employees:

Enterprise Solutions (WPE):

In addition to existing solutions, the unit headed by Thomas Kalmbach provides the Würth companies with software-based digital business process facilitation. These include FP Sign for digital signatures and CONDECO, a software for workstation and room booking. The team also advises its customers on sustainability and green IT. Topics include low-paper printing, automatic shutdown of unneeded devices and energy management.

In addition, the team advises its customers on sustainability and green IT. This covers matters such as low paper printing, automatic disconnection of unused devices and energy management.

Hardware Service (WPHS):

Andreas Kampe heads this unit, which supplements its hardware portfolio with tablets and smartphones fully integrated into the Group network. (as well as Würth Media Screens, video surveillance and complete workplace equipment).

Service CBT (WPSC):

Daniel Ferber is responsible for the service of Würth Elektronik CBT, the area of printed circuit board production with about 1,200 users.

Service Würth Elektronik eiSos (WPSE):

The Würth Elektronik eiSos service unit, headed by Lena Dierolf, looks after around 6,000 employees worldwide.

Service International (WPSI):

About 6,000 users at 60 locations are supported by the CC, which employs 6 people. "With the new structure, we are gaining efficiency, expanding our range of services internationally, and significantly increasing our innovative strength," says Joachim Süpple.