The IT Group of Würth

We are the IT of the Würth Group. With more than 1,300 highly qualified employees on all continents, we offer customized IT solutions for over 400 Würth companies worldwide. Thanks to our global presence and networked IT systems, we are able to offer innovative technologies and individual support at the highest level. We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner for companies looking for a global IT solution.

As an IT group, we provide a comprehensive portfolio. On the one hand, we ensure the efficient design of business processes and a clean IT infrastructure. On the other hand, we offer solutions for smooth, location-independent collaboration, forward-looking sales and analysis tools for sales staff and competent support in terms of 21st century data security.


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Facts & Figures of our systems
> 28,800,000
Customer orders of the Würth Group per year in WS1-System
> 21,000,000
Products in the STEP product database
> 5,800,000
EDI messages per month
> 90,000
Active personal master data
> 44,000
SAP user in the Würth Group
> 20,000
User in ADM system SpeedyTouch
> 14,000
Online orders per day
Management of the IT Group: the IT Board
Christian Berndt
Christian Berndt
Dr. Thomas Burkhart
Dr. Thomas Burkhart
Dr. Michael Piok
Dr. Michael Piok