Bühne PIM
Product Information Management


A central and consistent source for product data

The “STEP” database from Stibo Systems serves as THE source for high quality product data within the Würth group. All products which are recorded using the international product data management system (standardization of all products) are included in STEP.

Würth product managers around the world maintain the database and make the product data available to participating companies. A central translation service ensures that the same product content can be accessed in every country in their local language.

By requesting the product data via the IP process, it is possible to enhance and optimize local data. STEP provides the option to issue electronic catalogues and to generate printed media for example flyers, catalogues and brochures. This can be accomplished in a manual, semi-automated or fully automated publishing process.

The mobile Würth app and the Würth Online-Shop use the STEP database for displaying product information.

Your benefits

  • Common configurations (electronic catalogs, publications, attribute defaults)
  • Uniform interface definitions
  • Common use of product data (assignments of classifications, assignments of images, marketing texts)
  • Standardized translation workflow