From Espresso to Expertise: How the Barista Event for Würth IT's SAP Consultant Qualification Program Went

From Espresso to Expertise: How the Barista Event for Würth IT's SAP Consultant Qualification Program Went

The barista event in Würzburg was accompanied by Katja Stang, HR Business Partner and Marco Simon, Head of Business Solutions Sales (from left to right) at Würth IT Photo: Arndt Poser, Atelier Zudem

Würth IT welcomed interested parties to its unique SAP Consultant qualification program on the 1st of February 2024. The event offered an unusual combination of barista art and SAP expert knowledge. Under the motto "It's your turn! Become an SAP Consultant in no time", Würth IT opened its doors to potential SAP experts of the future at the Würzburg site.

The Barista Event in Detail

The event began with a warm welcome from the professional baristas with their "coffee bike", accompanied by SAP colleagues and the Würth IT HR team. The participants were welcomed with a coffee specialty, served by the talented coffee artists.

The highlight of the barista event was an informative 60-minute presentation in which the participants learned all about the innovative SAP Consultant qualification program. The presentation showed how a theoretical and practical program (within Würth IT and with an external training provider) can be completed in around 8 weeks. The program consists of units on the SAP standard (Sales & Distribution module) and the Würth-specific extensions. Participants in the program are employed by Würth IT on a permanent basis from the outset.

After the presentation, participants had the opportunity to talk to Würth IT representatives at the get-together and clarify any unanswered questions. Personal appointments could be arranged to discuss individual concerns.


What's Next for the Participants

"The barista event aroused the curiosity of the participants and we are delighted with the positive response," said Katja Stang, HR Business Partner at Würth IT. "If the chemistry between us is right, the next step will be an invitation to a personal interview where we can get to know each other better and discuss all the other details," Katja Stang continued.

Following the comprehensive qualification, the newly trained SAP consultants will support the team in international IT implementation projects and in the further development of sales processes, among other things. Interested parties can still apply for the program and obtain further information on the Würth IT website.


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