What does...? Team Market

What does...? Team Market

Purchasing and legal affairs, sales and marketing: these areas are covered by the Competence Center Market headed by Marco Hagenmüller. One of the contacts for purchasing and legal matters is Wolfram Niegemann. He is the corporate lawyer (legal counsel) for the Würth Group's IT and summarizes the tasks as follows:

1. The managers of the large license agreements, for example with Microsoft, flank the negotiations with the manufacturers very closely. They also support customers in the event of license audits. The complexity of software and licensing conditions makes license managers very much in demand as consultants.

2. Among other things, buyers actively and aggressively negotiate terms, analyze suppliers' pricing models, and develop commercial models for procurement. By submitting counter offers, they often achieve considerable savings and better scalability. In doing so, they follow the old merchant's adage: in purchasing lies profit.

3. The lawyers have a wide range of tasks. They accompany negotiations, review and draft contracts, advise on IT law and export control. Documentation, contract management and deadline monitoring are also part of their job. And they keep an eye on the legal implications of new technologies so that they can respond to current developments at an early stage.

The team led by Matthias Möhring, Head of Sales and Marketing, also has a wide range of tasks: the sales team holds customer presentations, maintains the Würth IT price list, and prepares project calculations and offers.

Marketing includes the IT Days, the webinars and the customer magazine YOUR IT. Corporate identity and design also fall within the remit, as do the homepage and social media. Personnel marketing is also supported. Services such as customer surveys, press and public relations work, and newsletters round out the portfolio.