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Our market environment is undergoing rapid transformation and numerous studies indicate that customers are looking to electronic channels to find information to meet their needs.

E-Business Ecosystem

We are facing these challenges by expanding our e-business system landscape and adding additional resources in these pioneering areas so that we have the capacity to grow our e-business environment.


Our Products


The “STEP” database from Stibo Systems serves as THE source for high quality product data within the Würth group. All products which are recorded using the international product data management system are included in STEP.

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Würth Online-Shop

Our online shop is based on the Intershop technology and offers a wide range of BSB functions. It is fully integrated into the WS1 system and derives its product data from the product information management “STEP”.

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Website Content Management

Each company in the Würth group must maintain the Würth brand in a positive way on their company website. For this purpose we offer a standardized template, the Würth Website Content Management, based upon FirstSpirit.

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Würth App

Nowadays more and more people are accessing the Internet from smartphones and tablets. For that reason, the Würth app represents the perfect complement to the Würth Online-Shop. Through the close integration of both systems, product data, favourites, order templates and many other features are able to be automatically synchronized.

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