Website Content Management


Versatile design of your website!

Each company in the Würth group must maintain the Würth brand in a positive way on their company website. For this purpose we offer a standardized template, the Würth Website Content Management, based upon FirstSpirit.

A website based upon the Würth Website Content Management includes the current Würth Corporate Identity. The Würth Website Content Management is also suited to the websites of Allied Companies and can be customized accordingly.

E-Business Ecosystem FirstSpirit


The templates are continually being developed in order to offer the largest possible variety of presentation options to editors. Within the e-business ecosystem there are interfaces between the Würth Website Content Management and other systems.

Our unique selling points

  • Shop integration
  • Integration into the STEP product information management system
  • Hosting

Your benefits

  • Standardised website in the current Würth CI
  • Audit security
  • Role concept
  • Multilingual



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