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Additional service for project success

E-TRAIN is an authoring environment that enables you to create comprehensive documentation, needs-related training, test scenarios, context-sensitive user helps, simulations, and E-Learning material.

E-TRAIN features of the system

With the contents provided by E-TRAIN, your users learn depending on their own learning and development needs. That way, expertise is more easily developed and sustainably strengthened. The authoring environment works not only for SAP applications but also for Windows and web applications.

Advantages and benefits in overview

For managing directors

  • Reduction of total costs of operation
  • Faster and more effective qualification of employees
  • Saving of trainings and learning materials
  • Decrease of support costs
  • Error reduction through better qualification of employees
  • Employees can focus on their actual tasks
  • Higher employee qualification through help at the right time

For IT directors

  • Fast implementation of the E-TRAIN environment
  • Low training needs for E-TRAIN applications
  • Reduction of internal support inquiries

Benefit in employee qualification

  • Fast content creation during daily work
  • Generation of different documentation formats with only one recording
  • Assignment of employee trainings with tracking system
  • Certificates as training proof
  • Collaboration environment for creation and assignment of recordings or trainings
  • Simple translation of E-TRAIN materials to other languages