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News Teaser License advice
License advice

29-Jul-2021Tailor-made software licensing. From now on, Würth IT can support you with any licensing questions you may have about Microsoft.

News Teaser PICO - voice assistant for the field service
PICO - voice assistant for the field service

28-Jul-2021May I introduce: "Pico"! - the newest member of our data center in Waldzimmer. "Pico" is our digital voice assistant and is currently being developed as a prototype for the field service of Würth GmbH & Co KG Germany.

News Teaser Go Live’s
Go Live’s

26-Jul-2021In July 2021, Würth IT successfully introduced the WF1 financial system in the companies TUNAP Switzerland, Würth Elektronik International CBT, Grass China and Würth Logistics Switzerland. The Step e-business system was successfully implemented at Hommel & Herkules Werkzeuge, Germany.

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